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Modern Calligraphy tutors Harrogate Yorkshire.

Modern calligraphy tutors Harrogate Yorkshire

Modern calligraphy tutors Harrogate Yorkshire. Our university backgrounds are in graphic design and textile management before training as teachers. We met at a little primary school in Yorkshire and taught together in an infant class, spending many rewarding years encouraging, inspiring and sharing our passion for education. Modern Calligraphy Harrogate came a few years later; it grew out of a mutual love of kettle chips and a passion for beautiful handwriting!

We adore creating modern calligraphy, whether it’s on handmade paper, marble, chalkboards or stone. And we are never happier than rifling through boxes of handmade ribbons, twine and trims to add a bespoke touch to our work.
We both believe that everyone should take some time out of their busy lives to find their creative side and produce some hand lettering loveliness in our workshops, exploring the connection between design and words.
In our digital world, the art of hand lettering, with its shapes, colour and flourishes has never been more important. It feeds the soul and can’t be replicated using a computer. Creating hand lettering shows time, care and love for the recipient. Plus it’s amazingly therapeutic and mindful!

We offer beautifully presented workshops for beginners and improvers Modern Calligraphy Harrogate parties with a glass of fizz, bespoke and semi custom wedding stationery suites, handwritten place settings for weddings and events and elegant, boho, fun and quirky table plans and event signage. In addition, we offer options for learning at home and we have a carefully curated selection of stationery for all your modern calligraphy needs.

Modern Calligraphy tutors Harrogate Yorkshire.

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Modern Calligraphy tutors Harrogate Yorkshire.

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