“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear and my courage is reborn.” Anne Frank

Writing is more than just a form of communication. Handwriting is unique to each individual and can be telling of our personalities. It’s part of our human identity. As children, putting pencil to paper is one of the first things we are taught at school. 


At Calligraphy Harrogate we love the art and the physical act of writing. We will spend hours trawling through shops and on-line for just the right pen, ink and beautiful notepad to make endless lists or to drop a line to a friend.  

Neither of us can imagine our lives without writing on a daily basis. On a professional level we start our days making copious ‘To Do’ lists if only to have the pleasure of striking each task off at the end of the day! And now evidently ‘To Be’ lists are the new thing. Make a list of how you want to feel each day. It sort of makes sense, don’t you think? We all want to feel confident, energetic, and focussed and writing the words down can ground and calm us, especially before a busy day ahead. 


The art of putting pen to paper has never been so important or mindful in our crazily hectic world! We scribble to remind ourselves of things – particularly important after a certain age! We write to inform, to encourage, to congratulate and to console. But how often does it take the form of a text or an email? “Too often” is probably the answer. At Calligraphy Harrogate, we are passionate about keeping the art of pen and paper alive.



We all rely on our technology, and we are the first to say that we could not survive without our smartphones! But the mindful, therapeutic, necessarily slow-paced art of Calligraphy is the perfect antidote to this digital world, when your head spins with the speed of communication and your eyes are literally squinting at the screen.  

We all need to take time out, to breathe, and to find something that absorbs us and gives us the opportunity to live in the moment. Sitting down to write mindfully, using a pen and some gorgeous ink and paper allows us to create something beautiful – even if it’s just a row of quirky capital letters! It gives us permission to carve out just a little time that’s just for us, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Moments of calm allow us to cope with the rest of whatever life throws at us! 


Finding a reason to write doesn’t need to be a chore. Even as a beginner you can use your nascent calligraphy skills to write a friend’s name on a (handwritten) letter or birthday card. Even writing ‘To Do’ in calligraphy before you then go on to pick up your usual pen to write your list, or creating the days of the week in your journal or diary, can be incredibly satisfying.

As one of our endless list-making tasks we have put together a 30 Day Writing Challenge for budding calligraphers and writers. Choose an idea, put the kettle on, breathe and just pick up your pen. You never know where it may lead.

Why not take some time out, and join us at one of our beginner’s workshops, learning the leisurely art of this utterly absorbing hobby. Or treat yourself to an Improvers workshop to further your skills and develop your own unique style of calligraphy? Wellbeing and writing, learning a new skill in the company of like-minded people at a beautiful venue – what’s not to love?  

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